Strategic Communication Executive Coaching Care of Environmental concerns Media Management

Strategic Communication

Public Relations, customer services management  

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Executive Coaching

Customer Services & Media Management

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Care of Environmental concerns

                     Our trainings are as paperless as possible

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Media Management

Targeted Publicity

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Media Management

b4 & Targeted Publicity (Editorial Generation & Placement);
•    Media agency services
•    Orientate clients to the operations of media
•    Media coverage for clients
•    Organize media appearance for clients.
•    Online communications management
•    Documentary productions

Media Training
•    Executive media training (training senior government officials, chief executives and top managers on how to manage and handle media)
•    Customized and client specific training of communications officers and PR practitioners on media handling.
•    Training of journalists (Skills upgrade, Gender & Children, Governance, Elections Coverage, Media Ethics & Development)


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