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Strategic Communication

Public Relations, customer services management  

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Executive Coaching

Customer Services & Media Management

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Care of Environmental concerns

                     Our trainings are as paperless as possible

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Media Management

Targeted Publicity

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The Power of Communication training for Board members& CEOs

i2Zanzibar, September 28 - 29 2017, we  guarantee  to give them excellent communicators skills,  which  is  what  they  need  to  build trust, inspire loyalty and lead effectively...

The course is delivered through a mix of presentations, audio-visual aids and practical sessions.

The Lead Trainer, Mr.  Peter  Mutie, is  a  distinguished  communicator  and  PR  practitioner  of  global  repute.  He  has
served at the highest echelons in Strategic Communications and Corporate Leadership.
He has also told Strategic Communication at Universities in Kenya.
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