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PICL has partners who support our programmes either by direct partnership or through professional engagements that deliver value to our clientsMaxim Behar is a globally renown Public Relations expert, Founder, COE and Chairman of the Board of M3 Communications Group, Inc. – a leading company in the field of Public Relations and Social Media in Bulgaria. Maxim is a graduate of Harvard Kennedy School Executive Program in Leadership Decision Making.


PICL entered in partnership with Centre for Corporate Governance (CCG) to offer niche training programme in leadership communication and corporate governance. The programme titled Strategic Leadership Communication for Effective Corporate Governance was launched in August 15, 2019 as a joint venture of Peterson Intergrated Communication Ltd (PICL) and Centre for Corporate Governance (CCG). The overriding objective of this programme is to provide corporate leaders with skills to communicate effectively, build trust, inspire loyalty and govern ethically.

About the partner firms offering this programme

PICL is a firm specializing in training on Corporate Communication, Crisis Communications Management and Leadership Communication. The firm is the pioneer training firm to be admitted as a member of Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management in the specialised training institutions category. PICL is also a member of the Association for Public Relations and Communications Management Firms (APRECOM), the professional association for communication firms in Kenya. In the last three years, PICL has trained Board Members, CEOs, Senior Managers and equivalent cadre on leadership communication, building alumni that runs to hundreds of leaders in Kenya and the Eastern Africa Region. PICL portfolio cuts across public sector, private sector, non-profit organisations and the UN.

Centre for Corporate Governance is an authority in corporate governance and leadership training in Africa. The Centre has conducted trainings in corporate governance, governance, leadership and management for over 14,937 public leaders, political leaders, board members, chief executives, county governors and deputies, Members of County Assemblies, County Public Service Council members and senior managers from all sectors, including NGOs and banks, throughout Anglophone and Francophone Africa. Besides training, the Centre has conducted and disseminated research studies on corporate governance practices in Corporations, Banks, organisations, institutions, SMEs and Commissions as well as facilitating Monitoring and Evaluation activities, including Board Evaluations for various organisations. The Centre has facilitated the development of curricula for MBA, LLM degree and Postgraduate Diploma programmes in Corporate Governance for adaptation and implementation by Universities and institutions of higher learning.

African Public Relations Association (APRA)

PICL works in partnership with APRA. All PICL trainings are endorsed by APRA. Peter Mutie, the Executive Director of PICL is a council member of APRA and served as the VICE PRESIDENT of APRA from 2009 to 2011 and PRESIDENT of APRA from 2011 to 2016. The African Public Relations Association (APRA) is the successor organisation to the Federation of African Public Relations Associations (FAPRA) that was inaugurated in 1975 in Nairobi Kenya to foster unity via interaction and exchange of ideas amongst public relations practitioners in Africa. Through communication, it promotes social, political and economic integration on the continent. It is a non-governmental, non-political and non-profit making professional association. As an association, APRA is strongly committed to selling Positive Africa through the instrumentality of the public relations profession. Accordingly, the Association has put together a gathering that will draw stakeholders from around the continent and beyond in order to herald the journey towards a more positively perceived and prosperous Africa.


In 2019, Peterson Integrated Communication Ltd (PICL) became the first organisation to be admitted in Global Alliance’s membership category of Specialised Training Institutes. The firm was admitted on the strength of its niche leadership communication training programmes targeting Board Members, CEOs and equivalent leaders in both corporate and government spheres in Africa and elsewhere. Mr. Peter Mutie, the Executive Director of PICI says that the goal of the firm is to see these training programmes endorsed by GA and spread across the globe. This partnership provides that trajectory.

“We are delighted to be a pioneer GA member in this category of training firm and we hope to effectively play our part in strengthening the PR profession through specialized training,” said Peter while commenting on PICL’s admission to GA. In last couple of years, the firm has trained hundreds of senior leaders in public and private sector as well as governments and non-profit organisations in the Eastern Africa Region.

The Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management is the confederation of the world's major PR and communication management associations and institutions, representing 280,000 practitioners and academics around the world. It is a not-for-profit organisation based in Switzerland.

The Global Alliance's mission is to unify the public relations profession, raise professional standards all over the world, share knowledge for the benefit of its members and be the global voice for public relations in the public interest. The Global Alliance relies on the efforts of communication professionals to tackle common problems with a global perspective. By partnering with regional, national and international bodies to increase professionalism in public relations and communication management, this Alliance works to enhance the collaborative professionalism of the industry among its constituents around the world. >>Link to GA website>>

Association of Public Relations and Communications Management Firms (APreCoM)

PICL is a member of Association of Public Relations and Communications Management Firms (APreCoM) , and the PICL’s Executive Director, Mr. Peter Mutie is a board member of APreCoM. APreCoM is a Chapter of the Public Relations Society of Kenya (PRSK) for Kenyan consultancy firms engaged in the practice of Public Relations and Communications. Registered in 2012 under the Society’s act, APReCoM is mandated to drive the advancement of the profession in Kenya and to nurturing the goals of its members.

Public Relations Society of Kenya (PRSK)

The Public Relations Society of Kenya (PRSK) is the professional body for PR and Communications professionals in Kenya. The Society’s broad objective is to advance excellence in Public Relations and Communication Management in Kenya and to ensure that the practice continues to thrive within the ethical framework defined by the profession. PICL is in partnership with PRSK on training programmes. PICL training programmes are aligned to PRSK’s training objectives. PRSK has developed a policy that will allow PICL training programmes to offer Continuous Professional Development points (CPDs). Peter Mutie, PICL Executive Director is a PRSK Fellow and is occasionally involved in providing professional counsel to PRSK. Peter has served as a Council Member of PRSK and was the President of PRSK between 2007and 2011

National Industrial Training Institute (NITA)

PICL is accredited as a trainer by NITA. Besides, PICL is one among the few firms competitively recruited to Kenya Youth Employment and Opportunities Project (KYEOP) to provide skills based training in ICT and Film production. PICL has also trained the Board of Directors and Senior management of NITA on leadership communication. The National Industrial Training Authority (NITA) is a state corporation established under the Industrial Training (Amendment) Act of 2011. Its mandate is to promote the highest standards in the quality and efficiency of Industrial Training in Kenya and ensure an adequate supply of properly trained manpower at all levels in the industry.

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